Longshore Golf League

Hello and welcome to the official web pages of the Longshore Golf League. We're a small independent golf league made up of people from the Connecticut Longshore Financing Association. Longshore Financing Association is an entity that is dedicated to investments and asset management for businesses involved in Connecticut longshore activities. Recently we've also decided to expand our business into e-trading and if you are interested in learning about an excellent e-trading platform, you can read e-toro review 2018 article from Daniel Morello, one of our star managers. Article that he wrote is an excellent introduction into the kind of work that we do here at Connecticut Longshore Financing Association. But that's not what we're going to be talking about here on the website. This website is dedicated to all things related to the Longshore Golf League, so lets talk about that.

Beginnings of the Longshore Golf League

Our league was founded just 3 years ago, back in 2015. We are a relatively young golf league, so much so that it took us until now (2018) to actually launch a website. Motivation for starting the Longshore Golf League came from a realization that a couple of us in the company had that we really enjoy playing golf. Even though we love doing it, working in financing, managing accounts and giving e-trading advice can be a little bit demanding. There's lots of stress involved and we frequently feel the need to unwind. Golf is our way of doing just that, letting off steam, having fun and it's an excellent tool for team building. We realize that it's a worn out cliche, business suits in financing loving golf, what a shocker, but that's how it is for us. Longshore Golf League plays its games on golf courses throughout the greater Connecticut area. Besides Golf, there are few more tricks we use to give our team a well deserved rest. Or should I call it - vacation? Last year (2019) we spent a wonderful summer in Europe. 3 weeks of adventure packed fun is something you should experience in your life. My personal highligh was the Zen Travel's Blue ave tour from Split which we visited on August 3rd I believe. See their full tour itinerary and see 5 islands I visited on the tour.

Golf is social. It brings a lot of people together.

Mia Hamm

A round of golf is the ideal antidote to stress.

Bruce Forsyth

Soon after the golf league launched

After about a dozen of us realized that we really enjoy playing golf, we have decided to officially form the Longshore Golf League, consisting of employees of the Connecticut Longshore Financing Association. It didn't take long for the number of members to increase, as more people who work for the company realized that we have actually gone through and formed a golf league. In the first year that the league existed we didn't play games at the same level that we play them today. We were finding ourselves that first year, so to speak, but eventually we worked out the kinks and started playing more and more games on golf courses all across Connecticut. It wasn't until the second year that the Longshore Golf League existed that we caught our stride and we actually started playing on the level that we play today.

Key people and membership of the Longshore Golf League

One of the founding members of the Longshore Golf League, as well as the Longshore Financing Association, is Katie Willis. Next to Katie, who is a senior VP in charge of accounts management, there was also Mark Spencer, and Jack Talbot who got the ball rolling and who are the main culprits for the existence of our golf league. Currently we have around 50 members, mostly employees of the company, who have joined our league. I say "mostly employees of the company", because over time people from outside of company have also joined, friends and family of our employees. As our company grows, so does the number of members of the Longshore Golf League.

Katie Willis

Katie is not just the founding member of the Longshore Golf League, but also of the Connecticut Longshore Financing League. Within the company she has the role of the senior VP in charge of accounts management, while in the league she is in charge of golf course renting. So far she never won the league, closest she got to the throne was a third place back in 2016.

Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer is a senior accounts manager who operates out of the Newport headquarters of the Connecticut Longshore Association. He is actually plays the lead role within the league, in other words he is in charge of the game schedules, memberships and he's the one that makes league announcements. Most important piece of info about Mark would be that he is the current reining champion.

Jack Talbot

Like you can probably see from this picture that Jack sent for the website, he is a Junior accounts manager and a very fun person to be around. He mostly assists Mark with his work. In the league Jack hasn't made much of a name for himself, having only been with the company since late last year. His first full season with the Longshore Golf League will end this December and we'll see how he does.

Our other activities

Next to regular league activities that we have mentioned so far, from time to time we also organize friendly golf games and matches as well as picnics and other festivities for the community of Westport, Connecticut, where the company is headquartered. Another way of giving back that we are very proud of are fundraiser golf tournaments, where we play golf games in support of various charities throughout Connecticut. Junior golf league of the Longshore Golf Club could also be a thing in the future, since we have noticed some of the kids of the league members have shown interest in the sport. Stay tuned for updates on the league activities.

Longshore Financing Association - a little bit about us

I know that I said in the introduction that I don't want to steal the spotlight away from the league by talking about the Longshore Financing Association, but I can't help not to mention the company behind this golf league of ours. Longshore Financing Association has been operating out of Newport, Connecticut since 2010, and we mostly handle financing and financial accounts management for companies involved in oceanic freight, off-shore oil drilling, harbor logistics, engineering and other similar enterprises.

Currently there are around 200 people employed by the Longshore Financing Association and we operate out of 5 offices which are scattered throughout Connecticut. Our main office is located in Newport, Connecticut. Recently we've started getting involved in e-trading, on platforms like etoro. You can read more about our experiences on ForexScamBuster in our 2018 etoro review article, posted there by our star analyst, mister Dan Morello. He gives some great insight into the pros and cons of etoro. That's the kind of work we've been into lately.