Meetings calendar

Long Shore League Meetings Calendar for Spring Season 2018

Hello there members of the Longshore Golf League and welcome to the Spring Season 2018 Longshore League league matches calendar. As many of you already know this, league membership has increased quite a bit this year, with 12 new members, there are now 50 active members who are playing the spring season, and we have already received requests from potential new members who are interested in joining up next season.

Spring season 2018 will have a total of 10 matches played on golf courses throughout Connecticut. Our faithful leader, Katie Willies has secured the best golf courses for our matches and we will be updating this page as the season progresses, removing old venues and dates, while keeping the remaining league matches on the list. This way keeps the list clean and doesn’t confuse people.

Remaining Longshore Golf League matches for Spring season as of month of June:

  • Lakes Isles Golf Course, Sunday June 3rd, tee at 10AM
  • Wintonbury Hills Golf Course, Sunday June 10th, tee at 10AM
  • Oak Hills Park Golf Course, Sunday June 17th, tee at 10AM

Please keep a close eye on this page since if anything changes with a particular venue, or tee time changes, we’ll post updates here. You can also ask to be added to our subscription feed in order to receive updates from us. This is actually recommended for members, since it’s the best way to stay up to date on everything that is happening with the league. That about covers it as far as league announcements go. Best of luck to all the players from the League head honchos. 🙂