What is the best golf course in the USA – Golf Digest Poll

We have some beautiful golf courses here in Connecticut, but they don’t really match to some of the courses that players in the PGA Tour play. To all of you who want to spend their time salivating over these beauties you’ll really enjoy what we have in store for you today. We’re going to have a look at the top 10 golf courses on the PGA tour, picked by the players themselves.

What is the best golf course in the USA – Golf Digest Pol

If you want to dive straight into it, we suggest that you visit the top 10 PGA tour courses article over at Golf Digest. It’s a slideshow type of article with some nice picks of the courses and handy useful info on the side, giving you basic info about the course should you decide to visit it and play a couple of hole, I guess. 🙂 . Sadly there aren’t any golf courses around Newport that are included, which is not that surprising, considering what kind of competition it is that we’re talking about.

Our favorite is definitely Pebble Beach Golf Course, which is located in Pebble Beach in California. There’s just something about the mix of golf green and the ocean that makes Pebble Beach very irresistible. We hope that one day we’ll organize a friendly match type of deal, with a round trip for everyone to California and back. That would be kinda neat, right? Until then we’ll just have to settle for our very own Connecticut golf courses, which are nothing to cry home about. What about you, which golf courses from the Golfer Digest article did you like the most? Tell us this next Sunday, June 10th, in Wintobury Golf Course where our second to last spring league clash will happen.